For more than 20 years, Sumisansui Mark II has been the best irrigation tube for oil
palm nurseries, commended by planters for consistent good quality and performance.
Many papers attesting its suitability have been written.
Only with Sumitomo technology can very fine holes ( 0.15 – 0.3mm ) be made with
special laser. The resulting even mist sprays throughout 100m at low pressure
lowers operating costs.
Its novel two piece construction, by heat sealing (Sumitomo technology) creates
strength and balance due to its “wings” and lay flat when not operating.
Sumishower 30F-17 is an overhead type irrigation system developed by Sumitomo
Chemical, Japan. The highly durable special plastic head with in-built filter, having no
moving parts assures trouble free operation. The perforations are computer designed
giving uniform water distribution.
Each spray covers a square area. At optimum water pressure and conditions, it can
cover 17m x 17m thus eliminating any blind spots inherent in an overhead sprinkler
system. It is ideal for oil palm seedlings in steep undulating nurseries and those kept
beyond 12 months.
Sumishower irrigation ensures healthy, vigorous, and even growth of oil palm seedlings.  
Modern planting requires high yield, quality crops with less labour. Sumitomo Chemical’s
Sumicoat® controlled-release fertilizer meets these tough demands.
Nutrients are released gradually based on the requirement of each growing stage of
the plants.
With our wide range of varieties and longevity of coated fertilizer, we are able to tailor-
make Sumicoat® for you. We have Sumicoat® for sandy soil, peat soil and normal soil.
Choose the right Sumicoat® for your particular soil type and see your yields increase.
Sumicoat® is reliable and environmentally friendly.